• Goa is literally an outstanding place and shows a perfect blend of adventure and nature. At the same time, it also presents a vibrant fusion of European and Indian culture and beauty and has a robust historical background too. It is ideal for boat tours, cruise parties, trekking, luxurious nights, and a lot more. However, in this article, we shall spotlight the Top 10 Cruises and Boat Tours in Goa. Let's have a look-

    1. Grand Island Tour:

    • Location: Grand island goa, near Old Petrol Pump, Khobra Waddo, Calangute, Goa 403516 Phone: +91 788-772-5777
    • Price: INR 1199 per person

    Grand Island, popularly known as the Ilha Islands, is one of the most interesting and highly exotic places in Goa. And the perfect way to reach to this island is through sailing on a boat (after arriving at the Dabolim Airport or Mudgaon Railway Station in Goa).

    List of 3 Best Cruise in Goa |  Cruise Booking Information

    In the meantime, you could enjoy different thrilling water sports and activities snorkeling, fishing, seeing dolphins and monkeys (if present at that time), etc. The entire boat trip and the tour to the Grand Island is authentically exhilarating and rejuvenating . From the beaches, you can see the Aguada Fort, the Merchant's Bungalow, Central Jail, and some of the majestic beaches. 

    2 . House Boat Cruise:

    List of 3 Best Cruise in Goa |  Cruise Booking Information

    Houseboat trip Goa photo: tripraja

    Have you ever thought of spending a night in a flowy-way. Like, think! You are sleeping inside a full-furnished room with all the luxuries and facilities like a 3-star hotel. You will dine delicious food and soothing beside a window watching the unpredictable beauty all around.

    Price: INR 6200 per person / overnight trip

    The opportunity to get amazed by looking at the vast clear sky with the twinkling stars are literally hilarious. And that's what you get when you book your tickets for overnight houseboat tour over Chapora and Mandovi River. However, day trip is also available at Chapora river.

    3. Sunset Dinner Cruise

    List of 3 Best Cruise in Goa |  Cruise Booking Information

    Life seems amazing when you find yourself below the huge peaceful sky and above the wavy waters all around. And you get this satisfying pleasure at the Sunset dinner Cruise in Goa.

    Booking Phone no . +91 84 323 25222

    The moonlight, the beautiful scenery, the luxuriously adorned decks, the appetizing food, the delicious beverages and the high spirited environment - enhance the charm and romance of the place. The highly fascinating environment of the Sunset River Cruises are best suited for couples .

    Thank you for reading, to get more update on travel guide on Goa, please follow me.

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